Workshop with Graham Priest and Markus Gabriel on “Everything and Nothing. On Fields of Sense and Neo-Meinongianism”

The puzzles of non-existence remain as pressing today as they were for the Pre-Socratics. Our apparent capacity to refer to non-existent objects immediately raises a host of ontological, epistemological and semantic questions. In what sense can there *be* non-existent entities? Is our reference to them genuine reference? Contemporary neo-Meinongianians seek to accommodate non-existence within the overall domain of (so-)being. Meanwhile, Fields of Sense ontology denies that there is any such overall domain. It sees the sense of ‘existence’ as essentially field-dependent, and so understands assertions of non-existence as necessarily indexed to particular fields. Not existing comes to mean: not existing over here.
To assess and compare the prospects for contemporary Neo-Meinongianism and FOS ontology, this workshop investigates the concepts of Everything and Nothing with Markus Gabriel and one of the most renowned and original neo-Meinongianians, Graham Priest.

Time: 9-12 a.m. and 6-8 p.m.

All interested persons are cordially invited!

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Date: 17/06/2019


Conference Room of the International Center for Philosophy NRW (IZPH)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 28
53115 Bonn
3rd floor (elevator available)
Entrance area not barrier-free