Ontology and Skepticism

In this workshop we explore Neo-Pyrrhonian arguments against heavy-duty metaphysics/ontology in the context of contemporary debates in epistemology and meta-ontology. What would an updated Pyrrhonist contribute to debates concerning metaphysical readings of existence statements and their worldly counterparts (real existence, Fine’s Reality, fundamentality, grounding etc.)? Does contemporary metaphysics rest on shaky grounds when confronted with the Pyrronist’s best arguments?

Speakers are Otávio Bueno (Miami) and Markus Gabriel (Bonn).

Workshop language is English.

The workshop is free of charge and open to the public. Everyone interested is cordially invited. For further questions please contact Jan Voosholz (voosholz@uni-bonn.de)

Date: 07/10/2017


Universität Bonn
Am Hof 1
53113 Bonn