Prof. Dr. Peter Koepke

Chair of Logics and Set Theory
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Universität Bonn
Mathematisches Institut
Endenicher Allee 60
53115 Bonn

Publications (selection)

  • Hyperfine structure theory and gap 1 morasses, with Sy D. Friedman and Boris Piwingerin: Journal of Symbolic Logic 71 (2006), pp. 480-490.
  • Computing a model of set theory, in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3988 (2006), pp. 223-232.
  • Gödelʼs completeness theorem with natural language formulas, in: Müller, Thomas/Newen, Albert (Ed.): Logik, Begriffe, Prinzipien des Handelns – Logic, Concepts, Principles of Action, Paderborn: mentis 2007, pp. 49-63.
  • The consistency strength of choiceless failures of SCH, with Arthur Apter, in: The Journal of Symbolic Logic 75 (2010), pp. 1066-1080.
  • From proof texts to logic. Discourse representation structures for proof texts in mathematics, with M. Cramer, D. Kühlwein and B. Schröder, in: Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 160 (2009), pp. 310-318.
  • A generalised dynamical system, infinite time register machines, and Pi^1_1-CA_0, with Philip D. Welch, in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6735 (2011), pp. 152-159.


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