“How Can Physics Underlie the Mind” with George Ellis

In the Center for Science and Though (CST) at the University of Bonn, George Ellis (Cape Town) discusses his book “How Can Physics Underlie the Mind: Top Down Causation in the Human Context”.

Taking part in the discussion will Otávio Bueno (Miami), Barbara Drossel (Darmstadt), Alkistis Elliot-Graves (Helsinki), Simon Friederich (Groningen), Richard Healey (Arizona), Manfred Laubichler (Arizona), Thomas Luu (Bonn/Jülich), Sach Mukherjee (Bonn) and Stefan Schiller (Freiburg).

Conference language is English. Everyone interested is cordially invited.

Please register in advance with Jan Voosholz (voosholz@uni-bonn.de).

Date: 04/06/2018 – 05/06/2018


Conference Room of the International Center for Philosophy NRW (IZPH)
Poppelsdorfer Allee 28
53115 Bonn
3rd floor (elevator available)
Entrance area not barrier-free